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About This Project

E-mail Designer for Virtuoso Luxury Travel and Hospitality


Client: Virtuoso, a leading global travel agency network specializing in luxury and experiential travel.


Project: Virtuoso needed a remote e-mail designer to join their Seattle Marketing Team. The role involved producing and testing a high volume of multilingual email and social content under tight deadlines using the digital marketing platform, WhatCounts.


Challenges: The primary challenges included designing multilingual content that adhered to Virtuoso’s luxury brand standards, managing a high volume of emails and social posts efficiently, and ensuring proficiency with WhatCounts for effective campaign deployment.


Approach: To address these challenges, a modular design system was created to allow quick adaptations for different languages while maintaining brand consistency. Collaboration with translators ensured content accuracy and cultural appropriateness. A streamlined workflow and regular feedback sessions with the marketing team facilitated efficient content production. Rigorous testing through WhatCounts ensured optimal performance of all campaigns.


Results: The modular design system reduced production time, maintained brand consistency, and improved email engagement rates. The project successfully managed a high volume of content without compromising quality, enhancing Virtuoso’s reputation for luxury and experiential travel.


Conclusion: The collaboration highlighted the importance of flexibility, cultural sensitivity, and technical proficiency in producing high-quality multilingual email and social content, achieving efficiency and consistency in a fast-paced environment.