Ad Creative, b2b, branding, Digital Marketing, linkedin, Social Media
About This Project

CLIENT: PouchMark


ROLE: Art Director, Sr. Graphic Designer


TOOLS: Adobe CC, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects



Develop and execute a LinkedIn ad campaign aimed at increasing brand awareness and lead generation for PouchMark in the B2B market. The challenge was to create visually engaging and compelling ad creatives that resonate with professionals and decision-makers in the industry.



Ad Creative Design: Designed a series of visually appealing ad creatives using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. These ads emphasized PouchMark’s unique value propositions and industry expertise.

Animated Ads: Created dynamic and engaging animated ads using After Effects to capture attention and increase engagement rates on LinkedIn.

Consistent Messaging: Ensured that all ad creatives and messaging were consistent with PouchMark’s brand identity and marketing goals, highlighting their solutions and benefits for B2B clients.



Increased Brand Awareness: Achieved significant growth in brand visibility on LinkedIn, with a notable increase in profile visits and engagement with PouchMark’s content.

Lead Generation: Generated a higher volume of quality leads through targeted ad placements, contributing to a stronger sales pipeline.

Higher Engagement Rates: The animated ads, in particular, saw higher engagement rates, demonstrating the effectiveness of dynamic content in capturing audience interest.