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branding, Figma, financial, graphic design, UX, web design
About This Project

Investing Your Values (IYV) stands as a trailblazing online platform dedicated to offering extensive resources and expert guidance in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, and Faith-Based Investing.


Web Site Goal:
Targeting investors and investment bankers, the primary objective of the website is to project credibility and establish the image of a stable, reputable business.


My approach involved an in-depth industry study and competitive benchmarking. I categorized findings based on content, structure, and overall aesthetics to inform strategic decisions.


The Problem:
The branding and marketing goals were set to position “Investing Your Values” as a trusted and influential platform. The aim was to empower individuals, corporations, institutions, and students to make ethical and impactful investment choices while fostering a sense of community and positive change.


The Solution:
To address these challenges, I crafted a modern, minimalist website designed to convey credibility. Utilizing principles of information architecture, user interface design, typography, and imagery, I ensured that the site is easy to navigate, incorporates powerful visuals, maintains a clear structural hierarchy, and conveys strategic messaging. The overall design feels fresh and provides a seamless user experience.


The client’s feedback speaks volumes, stating that “This is the best-looking SRI website we have seen.” The project successfully achieved its goals, leaving the client delighted with the outcome and reinforcing Investing Your Values as a leading platform in the field of responsible and impactful investing.


CLIENT: Investing Your Values


ROLE: Art Director, Visual Designer


TOOLS: Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, HubSpot


THEME: Kalungi, Atlas PRO