experiential, Interactive, Visual Design
About This Project

CLIENT: Radiant Event Technology, American Express


ROLE: Visual Designer


TOOLS: Adobe CC, Illustrator, Photoshop



Design and develop an interactive user interface (UI) for American Express’s consumer activation at the US Open. The project included creating a “Challenge a Pro” microsite, an on-site tablet registration UI, and a media identification card. The UI needed to engage attendees, streamline registration processes, and enhance the overall consumer experience at the event.



Microsite Design: Collaborated closely with Radiant Event Technology and American Express to conceptualize and design the “Challenge a Pro” microsite. Designed an engaging and intuitive interface that allowed users to participate in interactive challenges and activities related to the US Open.

On-Site Tablet UI: Developed a user-friendly tablet registration UI for attendees to register for American Express services and promotions seamlessly. Ensured that the interface was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and integrated smoothly with backend systems for efficient data collection.

Media Identification Card: Designed a professional and branded media identification card for authorized personnel and press attending the US Open. Incorporated American Express branding elements while ensuring functionality and security features met event requirements.



Enhanced Event Engagement: The interactive “Challenge a Pro” microsite successfully engaged attendees, driving participation and interaction with American Express’s brand activities at the US Open.

Efficient Registration Process: The on-site tablet registration UI streamlined attendee registration, improving efficiency and data accuracy for American Express promotions and services.

Positive Feedback: Received positive feedback from both American Express and event attendees for the intuitive design and seamless functionality of the interactive UI components.


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