Leaving Tech in the Post-UX World

Why I and Other Strategic Art Directors and Visual Designers Are Leaving Tech in the Post-UX World 🌍 🎨

The Collapse of Specialized Roles:
The industry has witnessed a troubling trend of merging three distinct roles—Visual Designer, UX Designer, and User Researcher—into a single position. Each of these disciplines requires a unique skill set and perspective, making this combination untenable for true design innovation and excellence.

The Myth of Design-Driven Cultures:
Contrary to the popular narrative, the exodus of designers from tech has less to do with the advent of AI and more with the disingenuous “design-driven” company structures and cultures. The real issue lies in how companies profess to prioritize design while, in reality, reducing it to a series of metrics and deliverables.

Vanishing UX Industry:
In the insightful discussion between Vy Alechnavicius and Kevin Richard, they explore how the UX industry is morphing into something unrecognizable. It’s a landscape where the essence of design—intuition and creativity—is often overshadowed by the need to fit within rigid frameworks.

The Silicon Valley Paradox:
Tech giants in Silicon Valley, while celebrating their success, have reduced design to an engineering problem. This has led to a focus on tangible outputs and measurable metrics such as CSAT, NPS, CES, DAU, and MAU, sidelining the human elements of design.

Erosion of Strategic Thinking:
There is an over-reliance on systems and tools that marginalizes strategic thinking and creativity. True design requires more than just following a playbook; it demands a deeper engagement with the problem and innovative solutions.

Vanishing UX Industry, Design Positioning and Trends with Vy Alechnavicius and Kevin Richard

The Vanishing Designer by Chuánqí Sun


UX Collective:

My Journey and Expertise:

With two decades of experience as a design consultant, I’ve collaborated with agencies globally to craft digital and print brand communications. My expertise spans digital marketing and branding design, having worked with some of the world’s most iconic Fortune 500 brands across diverse industries such as CPG, Automotive, Healthcare, and Financial sectors.

Top Creative Agency Experience:

Fundamental Design Beyond Tools: The ability to move nimbly and be agile is essential.
Strategic Solutions: Avoiding cookie-cutter graphic churning in favor of tailored, innovative approaches.
Deep Expertise in Digital & Brand Design: Bringing a wealth of experience to every project.
Direct Communication and Collaboration: Ensuring clear and effective partnerships.
Best in Class Creative, Zero BS: Committing to excellence without unnecessary complications.

In a world where the role of designers is constantly evolving, it’s crucial to maintain the integrity and essence of what true design stands for.

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