branding, merchandising, Packaging, Product Label
About This Project

CLIENT: Dewitt’s Products, The Home Depot


ROLE: Art Director, Sr. Graphic Designer


TOOLS: Adobe CC, Illustrator, Photoshop



Develop branding, design, merchandising, and product packaging for Dewitt Products as a supplier for The Home Depot. The objective was to create visually appealing and functional packaging that aligns with The Home Depot’s merchanding supplier standards.



Branding: Established a strong and cohesive brand identity for Dewitt Products, ensuring all packaging designs reflected the company’s values and aligned with The Home Depot’s merchanding guidelines.

Product Label Design: Created clear and attractive product labels using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, highlighting key product information and benefits to aid consumer decision-making.

Packaging Design: Designed functional and visually appealing packaging that protected the products and enhanced shelf presence. The designs incorporated consistent branding elements, making Dewitt Products easily recognizable.

Merchandising: Developed merchandising strategies that included in-store displays and promotional materials to enhance product visibility and attract customer attention within The Home Depot stores.



Enhanced Brand Recognition: The cohesive branding and packaging design increased Dewitt Products’ brand recognition among consumers, making their products stand out on The Home Depot shelves.

Improved Sales: The attractive and informative packaging contributed to increased sales by clearly communicating product benefits and making it easy for customers to find and choose Dewitt Products.

Positive Feedback: Received positive feedback from both Dewitt Products and The Home Depot for the professional and effective design work, which successfully met the branding and merchandising goals.