Don’t be a Twitter Jackass!

Twitter Jackass


A guy with Super Hero Twitter status and thousands of followers throws a public “Twantrum” when guy with 100 followers unfollows him and points out his obviously over-inflated ego. It makes me laugh to think about how many Jackasses there are out there on Twitter! I think this is what @unmarketing refers to as wrath in chapter 16 Seven Deadly Social Media Sins in his book UnMarketing. He also asks, “Why would you want to know if someone unfollows you? Do you like emotional pain?”

I tell all of my friends, clients and colleagues who are Twitter newbies, don’t  be obsessed with the numbers. Think about your own personal strategy. If you want to get something out of Twitter, don’t just broadcast. Share helpful information. Listen as much as possible and try to start real conversations. You’ll be surprised how much you enjoy Twitter once you get started.

@markphilip says you should lose 80% of your followers. He states, “We’ve lost site of the true value of social media and have replaced it with a fantastical notion that the more followers or likes we have means we’re doing something right. But the reality is you’ve just become a brand broadcaster instead of a sustainable relationship builder.” @mitchjoel says “Just because they’re following you on Twitter, it does not mean that they are paying attention to you.”

On the other hand there is a lot of conversation going around about A-list bloggers and Twitter Snobs. @markwschaefer says “You never know who will connect with you, you never know how they will connect with you, and you never know where it will lead. So why would you exclude ANYBODY?” I recently attended the @jeffpulver 140 Character Conference in Detroit where @charliecurve reminded us not to become a mutual admiration society but to make an impact on the real world. The overall take away of the conference was to use social media to do social good.

Finally, is following someone back a common courtesy? Maybe, maybe not. What are your thoughts?

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